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Dattaprabodhinee Sevaa Trust was started in the year 2014 with a vision to create a non-profit humanitarian proficient area for spiritual people to actively engage them in soulistic existences. We help people to quick overcome from spiritual trouble, Fast and step by step soul building with simple spiritual skills and techniques. Grab our fresh feeds

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NormanInden House cleaning services rates ny by NormanInden
NormanInden by NormanInden
Kushal bhatte Datta kavach by Kushal bhatte
kaushalb2383 by kaushalb2383
उपासना व उपाय ( Worship and remedies )
ऊज्वला शिंदे पारायण by ऊज्वला शिंदे
Dinkar Raut by Dinkar Raut
पारायण पाठ व नामस्मरण संबंधित ( Parayan and namjap related )
Vinay Salunke Tratak by Vinay Salunke
Kuldeep Nikam Admin by Kuldeep Nikam Admin
त्राटक विद्या ( Tratak Practice )